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Project Description

Corporate Ladder Search Partners Inc. desired a redesigned web presence to attract top talent to their organization and to invite businesses to use their services. Corporate Ladder is a forward-thinking company and they understand the importance of appealing to millennials in their business. An interactive, mobile responsive design and strong social media appeal was important.

Apex 77 designed a website with an easy-to-use web interface with customized content management tools on the backend. The website lists the jobs that are now hiring by category. Each job listing has a share function so that a user can share a job via social media or email it to a friend. Users can upload their resume to a job listing directly. Users can also opt-in to an email list that notifies them when new jobs are added to their area of expertise.

Corporate Ladder is very pleased with the results they have gained from their new, search engine & social media optimized website. Previously they were getting very few new leads from their site and with the redesign things have changed dramatically. They are now getting several new inquiries every day.

Project Details
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