Carnegie Corporation
Property Management & Development of Government, Retail and more
Project Description

Carnegie Management & Development Corporation needed a revamp of the company website. Carnegie has a vast array of property in their portfolio, ranging from Government to Retail. It was important to them that the website be fast and easy to use. It was also a high priority that the property detail be displayed completely.

Apex 77 developed a custom-built website for Carnegie that serves as a portfolio of their properties as well as a leasing tool. The website showcases hundreds of Carnegie properties in detail. The website supports high quality photos and videos of any of the properties. A fully developed news section allows Carnegie to post articles and media related to their newest projects. A ticker at the top of the website lets users know what is happening at Carnegie.

The design of Carnegie’s website is crisp and clean to support their streamlined, modern architecture while not forgetting their prestigious history.

Project Details
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